Sevilla soccer players show less injuries after training with YoYo and Nhance

Pictures show Atletico Madrid players Juan Fran (Leg Curl) and David Villa (YoYo Squat) in pre-season camp.

Similar to Atletico Madrid, numerous international top soccer clubs including Champion Leauge Champion FC Barcelona and finalist Juventus, take advantage of YoYo Technology to prevent injury and enhance performance. A recent study* by Moisés de Hoyo, of Football Club Sevilla, and co-workers investigated the effect of 10 wk eccentric-overload training employing YoYoTM Squat and Leg Curl exercises on muscle-injury incidence and severity.

Thirty-six junior elite soccer players were assigned to an experimental (EXP), consisting of 3–6 sets of 6 reps of Squats and Leg Curls once or twice weekly, or a control (CON) group. Comparisons across groups showed a likely lower number of days of absence per injury, and a possible decrement of incidence per 1,000 h of match played in EXP compared with CON. There was a substantially greater (likely to very likely) improvement in 20-m and 10-m flying-sprint time, and countermovement jump (CMJ) for EXP than CON. There were marked improvements in CMJ, 20-m and 10-m flying sprint time, and reduced injury severity and possible decrement in total injury incidence in EXP. Neither variable measured showed a clear effect in CON. De Hoyo and his team concluded that eccentric-overload training using nHANCETM driven YoYoTM Squat and Leg Curl reduces muscle injury incidence and severity accompanied by improved jumping ability and speed.

* Effects of a 10-Week In-Season Eccentric-Overload Training Program on Muscle-Injury Prevention and Performance in Junior Elite Soccer Players. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 10:46-52, 2015.

Living legends go head to head tonight

Time for two living legends to match up, probably for the last time! Pirlo and Xavi, more friendly with the ball than most players, do not have “physical” as their trademark. Yet, their teams, representing different styles of football, are long-time users and partners of nHANCE driven by YoYo Technology. The MultiGym, Leg Curl and Squat all have been employed to football specific conditioning. Whoever brings home the CL title in Berlin tonight, it will be  a well deserved winner. We wish them both good luck!

Eccentric rowing with Nhance by YoYo

While the sport of rowing encompasses minor elements of eccentrics, performance can readily be enhanced with nHANCE driven by YoYo Technology. There are at least two major effects responsible. Number one, the extraordinarily high power output produced in both the concentric and eccentric actions with our system benefit aerobic muscle adaptations and thus endurance. Secondly, the eccentric overload per se spills over to increased maximal or peak power as well. In racing that means gaining an edge in “getting out of the blocks” on water. We designed the YoYo Row machine to support great single-sculler super athlete

“Lassi Karonen to successfully compete in two consecutive Olympic finals! Lassi pictured at his “home turf” Lake Siljan!”